Meet the Organisers


Midsummer Madness, your revamped, renamed carnival, is an occasion for you, the people of Dorchester, to come out, take part in, enjoy, and support in any way you can. A new committee has been created, a committee who are dedicated to working hard for you, a committee whose aim is to put the community back into the carnival and fill our county town with the sound of music and laughter. So who are we, this band of crazy folk who are steadily building an event around the town centre, Brewery Square, and the Borough Gardens, an event of which we can all be proud.


Our chairman is Alistair Chisholm, town crier extraordinaire and a person who needs little, if any, introduction. This is a man who has the spirit of Dorchester embedded in his very being, a man who strives tirelessly for the good of our town. Not afraid to speak out and make things happen, he will lead us all into madness and out the other end.

Sue Cull is experienced in event planning and management, as well as a social media superstar. She has been responsible for the setting up of the website, negotiating advertising and sponsors for the programme, and lending her knowhow to marketing and graphic design. From Lakeside Magic to Midsummer Madness ….. some journey!!


Of Brewery Square fame, Charlotte Spracklen is another invaluable member of the team. As Centre Manager, her contact list has a wealth of expertise, whether business people, musicians or childrens’ entertainers. Like Sue, she has experience in event management, and will make sure that Brewery Square are an integral part of the day. There may not be an ice rink, but there will be plenty to enjoy on the day.

Anita Harries is as mad a member as any one of them. Handling the press releases and oiling the publicity machine, she will make sure the message is received and understood. Midsummer madness will go down in the history of Dorchester as a day to remember, and for all the right reasons. She is also responsible for ensuring there is plenty to do in the Borough Gardens ….. and plenty to eat and drink.


Janet Hewitt is another familiar face to Dorchester folk. Her main responsibility is securing stalls for the day, both charity and retail. Her aim is to stay local as far as possible and provide a variety of activities and information both in the Borough Gardens and along South Street if need dictates. She will check every application carefully. What she is aiming to avoid is twenty tombola stalls and little else.

The rest of the crew are adding their voice where and when needed. Bob Rowe is a veteran of carnival committees and expert in the creating and distributing of the obligatory signage. He also provides a wealth of information and advice from carnivals past. 

When her hectic working schedule allows, Kate Hebditch plugs holes and stops gaps when they appear. Good at reining us in when we need it, she is a steady hand at the helm. And Tim Harries is ….. well I guess, Tim Harries. A talker and a facilitator, he understands as much as anybody the workings of our Councils and how they may help, or hinder, our plans for the day.

Finally, there is Alec Bailey, treasurer and holder of the pecuniary pen. He is the financial wizard who controls the purse strings and keeps a weather eye on the budget.

So there you are. Your committee members for Midsummer Madness 2018.   


What's so different you may ask.  Midsummer Madness, the rebirth of the Dorchester Carnival, will be a celebration with a difference.  The parade will be a WALKING PARADE, and when we say walking, we mean, you can use  your feet, your hands,  bring a cycle, or  a mobility scooter if you want to be involved.

This means the route of the parade will change and wend between the Borough Gardens, Brewery Square and South Street.The day will start in the Borough Gardens, with stalls, food, and entertainment all day. South Street will see an eclectic mix of music throughout the day. Brewery Square will brew up its own particular brand of fun and frolics.  And of course, Wynn's Funfair, will have everyone screaming in their seats.

Proceeds from Midsummer Madness will go to local charities who participate in the event.

Anyone and everyone can get involved.

Come join us!!