Volunteers needed for 2019

Save our Carnival

Volunteers needed to continue this annual event. We are holding a meeting in Dorchester's Colliton Club at 7.30pm on Wednesday 23rd January to set up a new group to continue the carnival. Without volunteers the Carnival  will not continue any longer.  If you have any questions contact Simon on 07776255199 or just turn up.  Any new ideas Welcome!!!



Many thanks to Dorchester Camera Club for these wonderful photos

Midsummer Madness would like to thank ....



The Rotary Clubs of Dorchester – Dorchester Rotary Club, Casterbridge Rotary Club and Poundbury Rotary Club. Organising an event requires a great deal of hard, and often unrecognised, work. Not only do you need a committee that is dedicated and committed to putting on an occasion to be proud of, equally important is the support of other local organisations and individuals. The help our local Rotary Clubs can provide is invaluable, from advising on financial, legal and insurance matters, to experience in marshalling, signage and essential services. We are grateful for the knowledge they are sharing with us, and the vital input they have already given. A huge thank you to you all. 



MIdsummer Madness, the rebirth of the Dorchester Carnival, will be a celebration with a difference.  We aim to create a spectacle of colour, a day of fun-filled craziness, music and laughter, a time to come together to sing, dance and make merry in the summer sunshine.  We aim to reach out to the community, encourage everyone to put their silly heads on, and bring to June all the jollity they can muster. 



We are looking for new ideas, original ideas, the barmy and the bizarre. We want to build a procession that wends its way through the streets of Dorchester, displaying all the talents our town has nurtured and continues to nurture.  We want the WOW factor, we want to delight, astound and astonish, put smiles on the faces of adults and children alike.  Our hope is that people will flock to the Borough Gardens, enjoy all we have to offer and spend the day being fed, watered and entertained.

Midsummer Madness Dorchester 2018

The parade will start and finish at this jewel in the crown of our county town.  But the day will not end here.  First class bands will have the crowds dancing well into the night.  South Street will see an eclectic mix of music throughout the day.  Brewery Square will brew up its own particular brand of fun and frolics.  And of course Wynns Funfair, this year celebrating forty years of rolling up to Dorchester Carnival, will have everyone screaming in their Seats. Proceeds from Midsummer Madness will go to local charities who are involved in the parade.  So let's make this happen - and happen in style.  We want people to take to their beds saying "What an incredible day.  Bring on Midsummer Madness 2019"

Photographs courtesy of Dorset Echo and Andrew Gillet Photography